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Meet The Tattoo Artists:

Mully - The Sheriff


(Umhlanga Rocks Branch)
The owner, the man, the OB1.

Mully has been tattooing for almost twenty years and is the mentor to all of our artists.

He has won numerous awards for his high class of work including Mullanesian (Polynesian) with a Mully twist, to portraits, Japanese; old school, etc.

The list is endless.



Ash has been tattooing for almost 4 years now, with an art background in painting and graphic design he applies his skill set to always further his tattooing abilities.  Ash has a keen interest in Japanese tattoo’s, custom lettering,

geometric images and  illustrative traditional style tattoo’s also known as Neo-traditional


Our recently appointed artist works in various mediums all round from Digital design to painting, Graffiti and now tattooing.
He appreciates all styles with special focus on bio/organical.



Lesmeri is originally from Zululand and after chasing the waves for a few years has decided to settle back in Umhlanga and is now the manager of Electric Eye.


Lesmeri is also the 2nd Piercer at the store and is comfortable with all the basic piercings like the Belly,eyebrow, tongue, lip,nose etc. 


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